Seqweaver Browser


Park CY, Zhou J, Wong AK, Chen KM, Theesfeld CL, Darnell RB, Troyanskaya OG. (2020). Genome-wide landscape of RNA-binding protein dysregulation reveals a major impact on psychiatric disorder risk. Submitted.


The 1000 Genome Project RBP LDScores used in GWAS analysis are available here.

GnomAD (v2.1) Seqweaver RBP target site dysregulation scores are available here.

The code for making variant effect predictions for Seqweaver RBP model are available from this link (Zhou and Park et al. Nature Gen 2019). Our new version simplifies the dependencies by using the Selene package and streamlines the prediction process for RBP models.


This website provides a user-friendly interactive interface for exploring the sequence-based predicted RBP dysregulation effects of gnomAD variants. The Genome browser can be navigated by entering a genomic interval, a gene name, or interactively through zooming in/out and scrolling. Individual molecular-level biochemical effects are shown as a heatmap. The methodology and analysis are described in the manuscript “Genome-wide landscape of RNA-binding protein target site dysregulation reveals a major impact on psychiatric disorder risk”.