data-driven predictions of gene expression, function, regulation and interactions in human

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Integrative, data-driven analyses are especially powerful because they reach beyond “known biological knowledge” represented in the biological literature to identify novel associations that are not biased toward well-studied areas of biomedical research.

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HumanBase leverages experimentally verified tissue-specific expression and global gene function to automatically up-weight datasets relevant to a tissue from a large data compendium of diverse tissues and cell-types. The resulting functional networks accurately capture tissue-specific functional interactions.

IL1B in blood vessel


Network-guided GWAS Analysis (NetWAS) can effectively reprioritize functional associations from a genome-wide association study (GWAS) and potentially identify additional disease-associated genes. NetWAS can be applied to any GWAS study, and does not require that the phenotype or disease have any known associated genes.

NetWAS analysis